Last Saturday saw me standing in Michaels, fighting back the tears, while staring blankly at rows and rows of Acrylic paint in every shade, finish and brand under the sun. I knew I needed primer, colour, sealer and something to get all of that on to a plastic surface … to say I was feeling overwhelmed would be a severe understatement. This Saturday saw me sitting in a sunny art studio with a cup of coffee while I watched a true artist at work – definitely the better way to spend a weekend.

As promised here are photos of Toby and his helmet.

The Helmet Before

An Artist At Work

Front Of Helmet

Back of Helmet

Toby and Joyce

Close Up

I can’t thank Joyce enough. It’s hard to put in to words how I have felt the last couple of weeks thinking about how much I have wished I could do something to make this whole process that little bit easier and the frustration at my lack of ability. I am so grateful for her gift to us in making something so stressful into something fun!

In case any of you have stumbled across this page while researching how to paint a Plagiocephaly Helmet (I’ve read a lot of blogs on the subject!) here is how I did the undercoat:

2 coats of Martha Stewart’s Gesso Primer
4 coats of Martha Stewart’s Multi-Surface Pearl Acrylic Craft Paint
And I’m about to apply some mod podge
All applied with a sponge brush and dried with a hair dryer between coats with the cool setting. The paint dries in about five minutes with the hair dryer.